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With WaliChat, starting message campaigns on WhatsApp and reaching multiple contacts instantly has never been simpler.

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WhatsApp Campaigns made easier and more scalable than ever!

Import your contacts, set a message, choose a launch date, and watch your campaign take off!

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Import a list of target recipients from CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, or select contacts from the internal CRM

Send both text and media (image or video) messages to make your message more valuable.

Track which recipients received and read your campaign message. You will be notified when a campaign is completed.

Use template variables to personalize and dynamize your text messages with recipient-specific information.

Stand out among your competition by automating the sending of messages through our campaigns, allowing up to 2000 recipients per campaign.

Schedule your campaigns at a specific date and time, send campaign messages to any WhatsApp user or group chats. Pause, resume or cancel whenever you want.

Grow your business with targeted Campaigns

Reach more people in no time with Campaigns tailored and timed to perfection. Only a few clicks required, and no need for technical skills.
Flexible campaign management

Keep control over your message delivery by pausing, resuming, cancelling and reating campaigns when you need to.

Easily import recipients

Import a list of target recipients from CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets, or by selecting contacts from the internal contact list CRM.

Personalize your messages

Use template variables to easily customize the messages with contact-specific information. Learn more

Send multimedia messages

Send more meaningful messages adding images or videos to your campaign.

Schedule campaign delivery

Schedule your messages on a specific day and time and set your preferred delivery speed per minute.

Check who reads your messages

Monitor message delivery and reads with detailed reports, and export the data as CSV or JSON.


Campaigns is a feature that allows users to send messages to multiple recipients at once. Users can import contacts, craft personalized messages, and schedule deliveries with ease

Users can import lists of contacts from CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets, or select contacts from their internal contact list CRM. They can then create customized messages, including text, images, or videos, and schedule the delivery of these messages on specific dates and times.

Yes, you can either upload a list of contacts and write a personal message for each one, or create one message and use template variables to customize it for each contact.

Yes, the maximum number of recipients you can have for each campaign depends on your subscription plan. The Professional plan allows up to 500 recipients per campaign, the Business plan allows up to 1000 recipients per campaign, and the Enterprise plan allows up to 2000 recipients per campaign. For more information in the pricing table

Yes, you can use template variables to personalize their messages using the {{ variable }} syntax, making each message unique and relevant to the recipient.

Yes, on Business and Enterprise plans, users have the ability to check the delivery rate and see who has read their messages.

Yes, with the API, you can automate and handle campaigns, making it easy to integrate with other systems and workflows.

You will get email alerts when a campaign finishes or if there are delivery problems, keeping them updated on their campaign's status.

To avoid messages being marked as spam by WhatsApp, the delivery speed can be set from a minimum of 4 messages per minute to a maximum of 1 message every 5 minutes for safety reasons.

No, message campaigns cannot be used to send unsolicited marketing messages or spam. It's important to adhere to WhatsApp's policies to avoid number suspension.